We can help in three main ways. Firstly, we work to promote your tracks by collaborating with record companies, and opening up networking opportunities between unsigned music artists and producers in the industry.

By using Superstartunes.com to show off your talent, you’ll be sharing your sounds for the whole world to hear. That means, even if you’re making music in your bedroom in Birmingham, when you upload it to Superstartunes.com anyone anywhere can hear it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we’re a great way to get your unsigned music heard by millions.

Secondly, we can help with the production of your track. That means we can work on the beats and lyrics of your music and help you get these to be as good as they possibly can be. Plus, we can also help with your track’s background music – which can be vital in tying your tune together seamlessly.

Finally, there’s the lyrics side of things. Use Superstartunes.com to upload your lyrics and you’ll be putting them out there for everyone to read. That means, it’s not just your musical ability that you’ll be sharing but your writing skills too – and who knows who’ll discover them.