Record Labels

To most of us, trying to get access to the inner workings of a record label is like trying to prize blood from a stone. Quite simply, record labels are like a firmly shut book. Nobody just walks up to the front door of a record label, knocks, and gets signed there and then. However, there’s no need to jack in your dreams of being a world famous musician just yet. Here at we work hard to make the connections with record labels for you. That means, we scour our website for the most promising talent and make direct contact with record labels to help get you noticed.

Whether you’re working in the beats and production side of things, writing lyrics that need to be heard, or making music that deserves a place at the top of the charts – we’ll do our best to get your talent recognised. The information we collate from our website is passed on to record labels and talent scouts so they can have the chance to find the next ‘undiscovered talent’. So, even if you can’t make direct contact with a record label yourself, we’ll try our hardest to make sure your talent gets seen and heard by the people with the power. So create a profile, upload your best work on to, and you never know, it could soon be the record label that starts knocking at your door.


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