Name : Mokgoma Tshepisho
Surname : Maake
Stage Name : DRADBOY
D.O.B : 10 July 1985
Qualification : Journalist
Signed : Loud Jam Entertainment
Owner : Loud Jam Entertainment (Pty) Ltd
Started : 01 February 2002 till present
Position : Managing Director/Co-Founder/Artist/Producer/Songwriter/Sound Engineer
Profession : Hip-Hop Artist/Producer/Songwriter/Managing Director/Music Producer
Previous Company : Deeper Thesis Records
Previous Work : Artist/Assistant Producer & Sound Engineer
Previous Projects : Love, Music & Life Mixtape 2006
: Train of Thought Mixtape 2007
: P.U.S.H Mixtape 2015
Recent Projects : Rhythm and Poetry Mixtape 2017
Mokgoma Tshepisho Maake also known by his stage name DRADBOY was born at Ga-Sekgopo in Limpopo. He is a South African
Rap/Hip-Hop artist, Songwriter, Producer and Managing Director of Loud Jam Entertainment (Pty) Ltd. He is been working hard on
his craft and he just finished his 20 tracks mixtape that was published in December 2017. The album packed with smash hit singles
such as Street Callin’ (Murder), Ga-Sekgopo Bona Fide (featuring Dr. BZ) and others.
He started his music career in 2002 with a group called Underground breakas consist of his two brothers and a friend (the late Silas
& Philmon Maake and Mapiti Nxumalo). In 2003 the group went their separate ways due to uncontrollable circumstances but he
(DRADBOY) continued where the group left off by forming his own group Unit Killer and another one called Fabulous G (Gangstas)
and kept hustling and grinding still nothing got together as planned from 2002 to 2005. Until he went to study media studies in 2006 at
Pretoria, that’s when he met Sibusiso aka Source Man and they did a song titled Make You Bounce off the project titled: Train of
Thought Mixtape by Source Man. Still continued to hustle and grind which paid off when he went on stage to perform at the Boston
City Campus Beauty Contest Event in 2006. Things were looking better until reality hit the crew hard when Fabulous G lost a
Member and Deeper Thesis Records terminated their contract with him and his two groups. He left music scene for few years to get finances for his own studio and register his label. In 2014 he left Johannesburg with nothing
but a dream filled with pain, disappointment, losing everything and betrayal by those close to him to start afresh. He started from
scratch by setting up a mini bedroom studio in Limpopo at Ga-Sekgopo and recorded over 45 songs. The team chose 20 songs for the
current album titled: Rhythm And Poetry Mixtape that his publishing with the label LOUD JAM ENTERTAINMENT/ALKO’OL
RECORDS which he is signed under. Also his music career is blossoming after he completed his project Rhythm And Poetry
Mixtape and his working on other projects. In 2016 he did live performances with his label mates also in 2017 continued with live
performances. It’s important to connect with fans and consumers out there in the world. He is also working on production of two music
videos for Street Callin’ (Murder) and Ga-Sekgopo Bona Fide. Soon the full project will be available for download on different
digital platforms. He has also worked on a track with Drake titled: What If from his previous mixtape P.U.S.H and it’s a dope track
released in 2014 and he will be re-releasing P.U.S.H Mixtape Deluxe Edition in 2018 before the release of the scheduled projects.
Now he owns his music and has signed six artists which he features on his project that was published in December 2017. His roster is
filled with talented artists and the label will be releasing 3 projects in 2019. His music speaks straight to the heart and it is as honest as
it can be. He said “he believes that the truth will set anyone free”. He never sugar coat anything in his life, around him and his hood. He also addressed critics that said he uses English on his lyrics instead of vernacular on a song on his group’s upcoming project.
“Music is something special to express different situations in life and it matures with time like wine” he said. He is been through a lot where he lost it all and all he had was music which helped him get through tough times. He promised to always be grateful to his fans and his hood for the memories. He is finally ready to give everybody that will be listening and expect good, honest music with no compromising on anything. He said he is busy with different scheduled live performances in different areas in South Africa. His
schedule will be made available on his social media pages and any new releases, signees and meet-greet appearances with dates, time and venues. He is also working on couple of merchandises for the fans, charities and community upliftment. He performed on BALO SOUL yearly scheduled music festival in Limpopo at Ga-Sekgopo in 2016 and 2017 when he officially launched his CD.
Learned at Deeper Thesis Records DRADBOY Rap/Hip-Hop UNIT KILLER RAP
Production & Graphic Designing SCOOMBIE Hip-Hop SITHULILE R&B/Soul/Afro-Pop
Sound Recording & Sound Engineering Dr. BZ Rap GIL Hip-Hop
Mixing & Mastering
Exhibitions and Festivals
1. Boston City Campus Beauty Contest 2006
2. Balo Soul Annual Music Festival 2016
3. Balo Soul Annual Music Festival 2017
Awards, Honors and Commissions
“Company’s Making A Difference” Daily Sun, May 03, 2016
“DRADBOY radio interview” Greater Lebowakgomo FM, October 23, 2017

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