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Welcome to Superstar Tunes

The start of your musical journey. Want to get your music heard by millions? Think you're the next big thing but don't know how to make the next step? Want to find out what people think of your unsigned music? You've come to the right place. Here at Superstartunes.com we exist to help unsigned music artists get their music out there - to a worldwide audience and the people who matter in the music industry.......


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Join Superstartunes.com which works closely with record labels, playing a major role in the promotion of new talent.

Superstartunes.com sends those artists with potential and helps to make them future stars. Our music department here checks through all uploaded songs, music productions, and lyrics of aspiring artists and selects all the dormant talent in them putting them forward to the record labels.

Our feedback would be made available to talent scouts, who would review them, thus we would try to promote your visibility to influential others of the music world and hopefully you will soon be easily recognised.

Star or Not

Quick way to discover the next rising star is made available in this section. Future star or not is a delightful part of Superstartunes.com where you, as the listener and can choose your favourite star and launch him/her to greater fame by listening and voting for them. The highly rated stars of the month based on your vote gets recommended to record labels by Superstartunes.com, while the aspiring stars with poor ratings are chucked out of the site. You can also add songs directly to your favourites/playlist.

Thus we give you, our listeners, the power to launch your favourite artist forward in life. Please vote well, and ensure that the best talents are identified here.